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Mack Truck Repair: Reliable Commercial Truck Maintenance

we offer mack truck repair for all models

At Tubby’s, we understand the urgency of keeping your trucks on the move, which is why we’re the go-to specialist for heavy-duty and commercial truck repair in Dorchester, ON. We understand that the trucking industry never sleeps, so we offer 24-hour roadside assistance along the 401. But beyond just being a repair service, we recognize that Mack truck repair plays keeps businesses and freight moving smoothly. We can repair your commercial truck and get you on the road in no time.

Reasons Your Truck Might Break Down

Trucks can break down for various reasons, and these breakdowns can be costly and disruptive. Here are some common reasons why trucks break down:

Mechanical Failures: Mechanical issues are a leading cause of truck breakdowns. This can include engine problems, transmission failures, and cooling system issues. Regular maintenance can help prevent many of these issues.

Electrical Problems: Faulty wiring, dead batteries, and electrical component failures can leave trucks stranded. Electrical issues may affect the truck’s starting, lighting, and various systems.

Tire Issues: Blowouts, flat tires, and worn-out treads are common tire-related problems. Proper tire maintenance, including checking tire pressure and replacing worn tires, is crucial.

Brake Failures: Brake system issues, such as worn brake pads or malfunctioning brake components, can compromise safety and lead to breakdowns. Regular brake inspections and maintenance are essential.

Suspension and Steering Problems: Problems with the suspension or steering can affect a truck’s stability and handling, potentially causing accidents or breakdowns.

Truck breakdowns can be costly for repairs, downtime, and loss of cargo. Regular maintenance, pre-trip inspections, and working with a certified repair shop like Tubby’s can help mitigate these issues.

Repair Service at Tubby’s Truck at Trailer

Tubby’s Truck and Trailer in Dorchester, ON, can keep your heavy-duty and commercial trucks running smoothly. We provide top-notch repair and maintenance solutions for your specific needs. Here are some of the repair services you can expect at Tubby’s:

Engine Repairs: From minor issues to major overhauls, our team will diagnose and fix the problem to ensure your truck’s engine is running efficiently.

Transmission Services: Our technicians diagnose and repair transmission issues, ensuring that your truck’s gears shift smoothly and reliably.

Brake System Maintenance: Tubby’s provides brake system inspections, repairs, and replacements to ensure your truck’s braking performance meets safety standards.

Electrical System Repairs: Electrical problems can disrupt your truck’s performance. We offer electrical system diagnostics and repairs to address issues with lighting, starting systems, and more.

Tire Services: From tire replacements to tire rotations and balancing, we provide comprehensive tire services to keep your truck’s tires in optimal condition.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance: We understand that emergencies can happen anytime. Tubby’s offers 24-hour roadside assistance along the 401 corridor to provide quick and reliable support when you need it most.

Contact us today to schedule your truck repair or maintenance service. We’ll keep your truck on the road, reducing downtime and associated costs.