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Clutch Repair at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer

Clutch Repair

What Is a Clutch Repair?

All vehicles, whether they are heavy-duty or small utility,  require a wide variety of components and accessories in order to be assembled in a manner that enhances safety. One of the most important components in ensuring safe functionality is the clutch system. However, if not regularly serviced, the clutch system can lose functionality over time due to wear and tear.

A vehicle’s clutch system, the device that joins spinning shafts and is used to transmit power from the engine to the wheels,  is necessary for the operation of all kinds of motor vehicles, including heavy utility and commercial vehicles.

In most vehicles, the size of the clutch system and its components can vary. When your vehicle endures poor driving and suspension breakage, the clutch system suffers a massive blow inside that shakes the entire structure and can cause your alignment to shift.

Therefore, clutches are an essential component of a heavy-duty truck’s functioning, as they aid in moving the axles and wheels.

The Relevancy and Importance of Clutches

Due to its longevity, a clutch replacement is a vehicle repair and maintenance that rarely needs to be considered.  As such, a clutch system should allow the driver a travelling distance of between 50,000 and 100,000 kilometres. The vehicle’s effectiveness must be maintained by replacing your clutch as soon as the repair is needed.

Warning Signs Your Truck Needs a Clutch Replacement or Repair

First and foremost, it’s crucial to be conscious of the warning signs that suggest that your clutch needs to be replaced. Your clutch may be nearing the end of its useful life if you ever notice that it vibrates; feels spongy or loose; squeaks when you shift gears; or has started to slip out of gear. Additionally, a worn-out clutch may cause trouble shifting gears and will have poor acceleration when the engine is revved. Some additional signs include:

A Hazy or Smoky Smell

If a hazy or smoky smell is emitting from your vehicle; your vehicle is smoking underneath; or smells like it is burning, it is possible that the clutch has overheated or the clutch plate is worn.

Slippery Elements

When the clutch is worn down, heavily loaded vehicles are more likely to slip out of gear or shift erratically. An oil leak from the crankshaft to the clutch plate can also lead to gear slippage. Essentially, if your care experiences any of the aforementioned elements you need to seek professional assistance.

Choose Tubby’s Truck and Trailer for Your Clutch Repair or Maintenance services

By choosing Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, you are choosing a group of highly-qualified technicians to service your heavy-duty or commercial vehicle.  In addition to our clutch repair services, Tubby’s Truck and Trailer also offers additional services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including tire servicing, fleet servicing, mobile tire repairs, and emissions testing.

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