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Heavy Duty Transmission Repair at Tubby’s

TransmissionAt Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, we understand the importance of keeping your truck on the road and running in top condition. We’ve hired experienced repair specialists to work on your truck whether it’s for preventative maintenance or more in-depth repair service.

What is a Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission?

Your truck transmission is one of the most important components in your vehicle, it’s also one of the most complex and expensive components. Heavy-duty truck transmissions are designed to take the engine’s rotating force, navigate through a complex gear system, and turn the drive wheels to get a lot of cargo moving. These heavy-duty transmissions offer a range of high torque-to-weight ratios and efficient direct drive, as well as overdrive options meant for saving fuel and optimizing performance.

Signs of a Failing Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission

How do you tell if a truck’s transmission might be failing? Well, there are many indicators that will tell you whether or not you may need to consider taking a look at your vehicle’s transmission system or taking it to a repair shop. Common transmission problems include:

– Leaking transmission fluid

– Unusual noises

– Gear slips

– Acceleration issues

– Check engine light

– Erratic shifting

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Transmission of a Heavy-Duty Truck?

Transmission services for heavy-duty trucks can be costly. The exact cost of fixing your heavy-duty truck’s transmission will vary based on your particular vehicle and your service department. It is also dependent on which parts need to be repaired and how long the required work will take. We suggest visiting your repair specialists at Tubby’s for an exact quote if you suspect the need for a transmission repair.

Heavy-Duty Transmission Repairs

In most cases, a full custom transmission rebuild is the best recommendation. This is because the transmission is completely dismantled and every single component is carefully inspected. Any damaged parts are replaced with new or refurbished ones, and all good parts are cleaned and reinstalled.

Get your Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission Repaired at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer!

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed above, it’s highly encouraged that you consult your local Tubby’s Truck and Trailer before you experience further damages. For more information on our services, please call 519-268-6502 today to schedule an appointment today! Our dedicated service team will be pleased to help you with your needs!