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Get Your Brakes Serviced at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer

General Brake Work

Unfortunately, some individuals do not take their vehicle’s brake system very seriously. However, brake systems are a crucial component in ensuring the vehicle’s safety, especially heavy-duty vehicles.

In fact, the number of automobile accidents can be greatly reduced when the vehicles involved both have functioning brake systems. For example, a truck’s brake system can widely reduce the number of vehicle collisions occurring.

Therefore, ensuring that your brakes are properly maintained is crucial in preventing vehicular accidents.

What Is a Brake Shoe?

A brake shoe, the component that transfers the lining of the brakes to the drum, is known as a brake shoe. Located in the brake drum system, the brake shoe is a curved metal piece that is attached by a rough frictional element on one side of the brake drum.

This ensures that when the brake pedal is pressed, the brake shoes are forced outwards, pushing on the brake drum, and slowing down the vehicle. Braking occurs as a result of the lining and drum rubbing against one another, causing the angular momentum to dissipate heat.

Drum brakes are typically located in the rear axle of modern vehicles and trailers.

Brake shoes are typically utilized for the rear axle of commercial vehicles so the back brakes don’t need to resist temperatures as high as the front brakes endure.

Drum brakes and disc brakes are constructed differently and offer different benefits. The hydraulic brake system utilizes both drum and disk brakes.

Dirty road conditions, air, brake dust, and moisture are all potential threats to this system, due to the fact that they are continually exposed to high amounts of pressure, heat, and high temperatures.

What Is the Importance of Brakes?

Knowing your vehicle and being able to determine when it is not functioning optimally is essential as a vehicle operator. When you notice that something is off with your vehicle’s appearance or functionality, it is important to take your vehicle to a garage to get checked. Doing so can help reduce the chances of causing an accident or having your car break down.

Once you bring your vehicle to the shop, your brake fluid will be checked for the right level and moisture content, as well as other general maintenance tasks.

To prevent the brake’s performance from being affected by the boiling brought on by water-saturated brake fluid, the brake fluid needs to be changed every couple of years.

The vehicle slows down as a result of friction between the brake pad and brake rotor caused by the brake callipers pressing the brake pads against the rotor.

Regular maintenance of the brake’s callipers, calliper pins, and sliders will help keep the vehicle’s brakes in optimal operating condition as well as extend the lifespan of the brake pads and rotors.

If you do not seek out regular maintenance, rust and corrosion can happen to any of the metals located in the brake system. If you adhere to a regular maintenance schedule, it will keep the metals clean and functional.

Important Notes on Brake Maintenance and Best Practices

  1. Maintenance of your brakes must be done at least once per year. If they are too old to function properly, replace them with new ones. The skilled technicians at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer can help with that.
  2. Vehicle fluid is essential to transfer heat to all parts of the broken system and absorb water.
  3. Keep an ear out for any warning indicators. These could be peculiar sounds, an odd brake response, or an odd sensation when you apply the brakes. These could point to a serious issue that needs to be looked at right away.
  4. Whenever possible, decelerate to slow down while you’re driving rather than applying the brakes. Reducing pressure on them protects the brakes of the vehicle.
  5. When your tires are not functioning optimally and need to be replaced, Invest in good, reliable brakes. It may cost you a little bit extra, but it will make a difference in the long run in terms of efficiency, safety, and durability.

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Here at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, established in 1957, we have a fleet of road service vehicles that provide both mechanical and tire road service from the best technicians in the industry. These services are offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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