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The Function and Application of U-Bolts


What Are U-Bolts?

Spring and U-bolts

U-Bolts are industrial fasteners that have two linked arms (or legs) that expand from a curved base and are shaped like the letter ‘U’. These bolts are frequently used to support pipes or to attach a component to a pole, beam, or wall. They also add stability to the support because their ‘U’ shape is able to hold the bolt firmly in place.

U-Bolts, come in a variety of sizes and finishes to accommodate various loads, torque specifications, and environmental conditions.

Applications of U-Bolts

U-bolts have an extended range of applications. See some examples of common U-Bolt applications below:

Using U-Bolts to Support Pipes

Firstly, U-bolts are often employed to give pipes lateral constraints. U-Bolts are the most straightforward and often utilized type of piping support for small-bore piping systems.

Secondly, U-Bolts are frequently used in plants to hold bare pipes smaller than 8 inches in diameter. They serve as a rest, guide, and hold down, as was already said. U-bolts can reduce line vibrations by providing the system with additional stability. U-Bolts are a useful option for supporting vertical elevated runs of pipe.

Factors of U-bolts

Although any sort of strong and resilient material can be utilized to make u-bolts, the most commonly used materials are stainless steel or plain carbon steel.

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