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Get Your Driveline Repair at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer

Drive Line or Drive Shaft

What Is Driveline Repair?

If your truck trembles when you accelerate, there may be a problem with the driveline, such as a loose U-joint or a damaged center bearing. Therefore, if you experience a loud ‘clunk’  noise while your vehicle is in motion, it might be necessary to replace the U-joints. Concerns may also be raised by roughness, clicking, or a squeaking sound at low speeds.

These noises can be a sign of something more than a driveline issue. However, to ensure your truck is functioning optimally, we recommend calling the experts at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer for an expert diagnosis.

Working Procedure of Drive Line Systems

In the driveline system, your truck’s axle rotates your wheels which enables you to drive. Depending on whether your vehicle has four wheels, front wheels, or rear wheels, there are numerous kinds of drivelines.

Several universal joints link the driveline to the transmission and differential. The majority of universal and CV joints are sealed and don’t need lubricating regularly.

However, it’s crucial to have them checked each time your truck is raised on a lift. Your truck could sustain significant damage if the joint’s protective housing, or boot, develops a crack or leak. The motor engine will still be able to function with a damaged driveline element, but the truck might not be able to move.

Tubby’s Truck and Trailer are your reliable authority on driveline servicing. We will ensure that your heavy-duty vehicle receives high-quality and durable repairs.

How to Know My Driveline Needs a Replacement

  • Firstly, begin by asking yourself when the last time your vehicle was serviced. To avoid downtime or warranty difficulties, a driveline that has been consistently lubricated still needs to be inspected regularly. Catching an issue or harm earlier prevents it from getting worse.
  • If your differential fluid hasn’t been changed for over 400,000 kilometers. For this component to continue functioning properly, changing of the differential fluid every 400,000 kilometers is essential. We advise scheduling even more frequent service visits if you transport heavy cargo. At Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, we can assist you in determining your truck’s ideal repair and maintenance cycle.
  • The truck was driven erratically. Frequent clutch popping or tire spinning can cause trouble because when they catch, a shock load is created that may lead to a shattered U-joint or twisted driveline tube.

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We can explain to clients the rationale behind the fixes we recommend thanks to this two-pronged strategy. There won’t be any worries since we’ll walk you through every step of the repair process to keep you informed and active in your trucks’s upkeep.

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