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Air Bag Suspension System Installation and Repair

Air Bag

When driving on a dirt or recently paved road it may sometimes be difficult for heavy-duty trucks to keep large trailer loads balanced during transport. If the load was to unbalance and slide towards the rear of the trailer this would result in a strain on the vehicle’s shocks, and unstable braking and steering capabilities for the vehicle.

Therefore, it is important to have a protective mechanism in place so that you are able to safely transport your heavy load to its destination. One possibility would be to install an airbag suspension system or ‘air bag’ on your vehicle.

Information on Heavy Truck Air Bags

A heavy truck airbag, or ‘air bag suspension system’, is installed by attaching brackets over the rear axle, or left spring, of your truck using existing holes located in the vehicle’s frame.

An airbag is similar to a balloon in substance and functionality. The amount of air that goes into the airbag is adjustable so that the driver can control how much pressure the airbag is asserting. In order to function properly, the airbag needs to be asserting the right amount of air pressure so that the vehicle is stable and supported. If too much or too little air is in the bag it could significantly reduce the functionality and lifespan of the airbag.

Airbag Suspension System Maintenance

Although there are many positive aspects to purchasing and installing an airbag suspension system, there are some things to consider prior to doing so. Firstly, airbag suspension systems take an immense amount of maintenance to ensure that they are functioning optimally. For example, when loading your trailer you have to adjust the amount of air in the airbag frequently, including when weight is added or taken away from the load; or when the trailer is hitched or unhitched to the cab.

Additionally, you have to ensure that your airbags have the correct amount of air in them regardless of whether your trailer is heavy or empty. When your trailer is heavy you must ensure the optimal air pressure is supporting your vehicle to guarantee that it is capable of supporting the load.

If too much air is in the airbag it could cause the rubber of the airbag to over-extend, reducing the lifespan of the airbag. If not enough air is in the airbag it could cause it to make contact with its brackets, which could cause the airbag to rip or pill.

Positive Aspects of Using Airbags

Despite the aforementioned cautions, there is a multitude of reasons to purchase and install an airbag suspension system on your vehicle. For example, the use of an airbag when transporting can help you to be able to control the height of your trailer, can help to offset sagging springs or worn shocks during transport, is extremely cost-effective, and protects your vehicle from bowing in the middle during transport.

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