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Kingpin Repair at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer

King Pins

The Functions of a Kingpin

Kingpins are a very essential component of a commercial vehicle’s operating system, as it is a steel pin in the main hinge in the starting wheels which gives the tires the ability to rotate. Kingpins are also adjoined to the suspension, which can rotate on a single movement.

Originally, the suspension consisted of bearings, but they were soon replaced with ball joints. This replacement allowed automotive manufacturers to build more complex suspension systems.

King pins are not always referred to as ‘king pins’, as they were no longer limited in their ability to function only like a pin. Today, the term kingpin is often used to refer to the axis around which the steering wheel pivots, as opposed to the pin itself.

The item wasn’t always still referred to as a kingpin because it was no longer limited to moving like a pin; but, in more modern designs, the name may be used to refer to the axis around which the steering wheels pivot rather than an actual pin.

A kingpin is also the name for the clip that connects the front of a semi-trailer to a fifth wheel connection.

Proper steering depends on kingpins, and the bushings that surround them. A truck’s steering axle and steering knuckle are connected by the kingpin, sustaining the steering angles and giving the steering wheel the ability to turn the truck.

In order for the kingpin to manage powerful stressors while maintaining the knuckle’s alignment, the kingpins must cooperate with the bushings.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Some signs that your kingpin is worn or damaged include: uneven or premature front tire wear; incorrect vehicle alignment; a pull in the steering; and rough handling.

If a worn kingpin is ignored, or a repair is not completed thoroughly, the result can be costly structural repair.  A damaged axle may eventually require a new axle due to a loose kingpin.

The Importance of Lubricating Your Kingpins

Regular lubrication of your kingpins guarantees that the kingpin does not come into contact with the bushings. If this occurs, the inside of the bushing will start to degrade due to the metal-on-metal contact.

However, if good high-frequency maintenance is performed with quality lubricant, degradation is less likely to occur. Ultimately, the secret to extending the lifespan of the kingpins and bushings is maintaining optimum lubrication.

In addition to normal maintenance, it’s a good idea to look for potential problems with the steering axle’s king pin on a regular basis.

This helps by signaling when a part needs to be replaced, which can help reduce the amount of premature wear on your tires because a worn kingpin allows for excessive end play in the tires.

Although kingpin corrosion cannot be prevented, implementing preventative maintenance methods will increase the component’s lifespan. By adhering to standard lubrication intervals, and replacing worn components as soon as they become worn, you may save both time and money.

Even if these components have been lubricated daily, they will not stay lubricated. However, if the kingpins and tie rods aren’t regularly lubricated, they can deteriorate very quickly.

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