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Need-to-Know Information About Air Brake Systems

Air Brakes

What Is an Air Brake System?

The majority of commercial vehicles use air braking systems, as their vehicles require more braking force than the driver’s foot alone is capable of providing in order to stop.

Instead of using merely foot pressure to activate air brakes, which act against flexible diaphragms in the brake chamber, airbrake systems apply the pressure of compressed air. The brake rods that connect to the brake-operating cams, also known as ‘S Cams’, on the wheels are connected to these ribs.

The Components of Air Brake Systems

Typically, an Air-brake system has several components, such as those listed below.

Air Compressor

The air brakes, and any other air-powered equipment, runs safely and consistently when the necessary air pressure is maintained by an air compressor.

Your commercial vehicle’s compressor can be belt or gear driven, and, depending on its make and model, may be cooled by air or an engine cooling system. Every time the engine is started, the compressor(s) kicks on, loading and unloading air that is pumped into and out of the reservoirs and other two-cylinder compressors.


For commercial truck and bus air brake systems, the reservoirs are responsible for storing enough compressed air that the vehicle needs to deploy its brakes.

Reservoirs are pressure-rated tanks with specialized drain valves known as draincocks. The draincocks drain themselves of any moisture or contaminants that would jeopardize the quality of the air when they are in the ‘open’ position.

Foot Valve

A foot valve is the component of the vehicle that controls the amount of air pressure utilized is the foot valve, also referred to as the treadle or the brake pedal.

Brake Chambers

Brake chambers are devices that convert pressurized air into mechanical force, also known as ‘brake containers’.

The Benefits of Using an Air Braking System

Air brakes, or braking systems, are both effective and beneficial for the betterment of commercial vehicles when compared to standard brakes. At Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, we provide the best and most cost-effective air brakes repair and maintenance services.

The Core Applications of Air Braking Systems

Air braking systems are quite powerful when compared with ordinary mechanical or hydraulic brakes. Therefore, the majority manufacturers often install them in heavy vehicles.

A pipeline makes up the majority of the brake mechanism. In addition to brakes, the reservoir of compressed air can be used to operate horns, windscreen wipers, and many other accessories. Some of the top manufacturers of air-operated brakes worldwide include Bridgestone, Girling, and TVS.

Allow the Technicians at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer to Satisfy Your Air Braking System Needs

When it comes to replacing or repairing the Braking systems of your trucks and heavy utility trailers, it is important to speak with qualified, certified technicians. This is why you should contact Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, a reputable heavy truck repair company, for your air braking system needs.

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