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All About Anti-lock Braking Systems

ABS Diagnose

An anti-lock braking system often referred to as ‘ABS’ is the component that prevents your wheels from locking during sudden stops.

These systems provide necessary protection in commercial vehicles, while also reducing the risk of skidding. In the case of fast and hard braking, the system also enables drivers to maintain enough steering control to prevent colliding with other vehicles.

Additionally, an anti-lock braking system can enhance your vehicle’s braking abilities on slick surfaces by keeping track of how fast the wheels are moving compared to one another. Utilizing the acquired information, one can adjust the brake pressure to reduce sliding and preserve grip while braking.

In today’s trucks, brakes are a crucial control mechanism. Without an anti-lock braking system, instability could result from attempting to control motion at high speed, particularly when the brakes are used. Today’s trucks are capable of running at very high speeds. When brakes are used at a high velocity, the wheels remain stopped and begin to slide along the road instead of rolling.

The moment the wheel begins to slide, steering control is lost, making it impossible to keep the truck moving straight. Due to the lower level of frictional force, the system then becomes unstable.

The Prime Components of an Anti-lock Brake System

There is an ABS sensor installed along with an anti-lock braking system known as the wheel speed sensor. It’s one of the primary components used by the anti-lock brake system to keep your vehicle’s braking system balanced. It also evaluates the entire speed circle of the wheels and acquires data that is further used by the anti-lock braking system’s controller to prevent your car from skidding out.

An Anti-lock braking system has several components including:


After the valves have been opened, the majority of antilock braking systems use a pump to re-establish brake fluid pressure in the brake lines.


The brain of the anti-lock brake system is known as the electronic brake control module (EBCM). The EBCM uses the information gathered by the sensors to decide whether or not to pump the brakes. The electronic brake control module is sometimes referred to as an electronic brake module (EBM) or controller antilock brakes (CAB).

Wheel Speed Sensors

A wheel speed sensor’s purpose is to track how fast the wheels are rotating.


The accumulator, which is charged by nitrogen gas, keeps the system’s tension at a high level while storing liquids while also supplying the necessary pressure for power-assisted brakes.

The two chambers are separated by a dome. One of which contains highly pressurized nitrogen, while brake fluid is kept in the other.

Modulator Unit

The modulator unit is a device that regulates the fluid supply to each wheel cylinder. Several additional valves that govern the fluid flow are controlled by a solenoid valve.

Additionally, the device features switches that the control module turns on to regulate the operation of the solenoid valves.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are located either in the braking system or line and control the amount of pressure applied on the brakes.

Types of Anti-lock Braking Systems

Anti-lock braking systems come in different types:

Non-integral Anti-lock Braking Systems

Non-Integral Anti-lock Braking Systems include a vacuum-assisted booster and master piston in non-integral systems and a control unit.

In addition to these elements, a separate hydraulic unit, pump, motor, and capacitor are present. In order to regulate the hydraulic pressure applied to the wheels, solenoid valves may also be present.

Integral Anti-Lock Braking Systems

In this type of system, the master cylinder, hydraulic booster and their circuitry are mixed or integrated into a single unit.

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