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Farmers Feed Cities… Unless They Have a Flat Tire

farm tire repair

Like most farms, Tubby’s is a family owned and operated business. What we expect from our suppliers and the other companies that we do business with is the same in what we provide to every one of our customers. We want to be treated right and to be given a good price with fast and quality service.

The agricultural tire business has changed a lot over the last ten years with majority of the tires going from bias to radial.  Radial farm tires offer better traction with less ground compaction due to the side wall flex not being transmitted to the tread footprint. The radial construction also is supposed to give a better ride and the manufactures also claim they provide better fuel economy over bias tires. The radial tires weigh a lot more and are more stable compared to the bias tires. If you need more traction and stability liquid tire loading or weighting is still an option.

farm tire service

We have access to bias tires and radial tires and most agricultural tire brands, like Michelin and Firestone. So if you need a tire repair or a new tire replaced in the field, on the side of the road or at your farm we are ready to help. We also offer Calcium loading and with our tire boom truck there is not really much we cannot do. We are also able to provide tire services to any highway tractors and trailers or pickup trucks that you may also have in fleet of farm vehicles.

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