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London Truck Tire Repair & Service Shops

A tire repair service replaces a damaged tire with a new one or repairs a small puncture. While anyone with two hands can do it, it is best to go to a shop specializing in tire repair to ensure that your problem is entirely resolved.

Why You May Need Your Tire Serviced or Repaired:

When your tire gets punctured or damaged, it’s vital to bring your heavy truck to Ontario’s top-rated repair and maintenance shop, Tubby’s Truck & Trailer. 

You will save money any time you can repair a tire rather than replace it, but here’s the catch: in some cases, it may not save you money at all. Even if you have run over a nail, it’s best to have a professional inspect your tires.

Tire punctures are frequently repairable, but there are some constraints. For example, replacing the tire is preferable and safer if the puncture is more significant than 1/4-inch in diameter.

Important Facts About Tires 

  • While you can purchase your kit and repair the tire on your own, it is recommended that you go to a licensed repair shop.
  • If you notice sidewall damage on your tire, you should replace it. Failure to do so may result in further tire damage or a flat tire. Sidewalls are not repairable.

What Process is Used When Repairing a Tire? 

A tire plug is exactly what it sounds like: a sticky elastic plug inserted into the puncture to secure long enough for the tire to re-inflate with air. However, when it comes to description, a patch is also self-explanatory. 

This material, also known as a radial patch, seals up the damaged tire. However, because of the heat generated by driving, the patch eventually melts into the tire, erasing all evidence of repair.

How to Find the Best Trusted Tire Shops in London, Ontario? 

When looking for the most trusted tire shop in the London area, one name always comes to mind. That’s Tubby’s Truck and Trailers. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for any and all truck repairs, tire repairs, and tire services for heavy-duty vehicles.

So why wait? You can book an appointment with us or give us a call today!