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Have You Recently Repaired Your Heavy-Duty Truck Tires?

Have You Recently Repaired Your Heavy-Duty Truck Tires?

Tires are a crucial part of every vehicle, but they’re even more important for heavy-duty trucks.

Heavy-duty trucks are much heavier and usually travel for much longer distances than regular vehicles, so as you can imagine, they need more frequent maintenance. If your truck’s fleet drives for thousands of miles every month, you can’t overlook the crucial step of tire maintenance.

Usually, a poorly maintained tire is already a safety hazard with regular vehicles, and with heavy-duty truck tire repair, that risk is increased tenfold. Because of the sheer weight of heavy-duty trucks, a poorly maintained tire can easily pop and cause harm not just to your truck driver but also to other drivers that pass near your trucks.

That’s why you need to keep your heavy-duty trucks’ tires maintained and always in top condition to avoid these issues.

Tips For Tire Safety

Before your trucks hit the road, every driver should conduct a pre-trip inspection to ensure there are no tire-related issues that need to be addressed before a haul. Below are some of the best practices that experts recommend fleets implement before, during, and after a haul to promote safer driving conditions and efficient operations:

  • Select the right tire for the job: Fleet managers should consider the proper tire size, load-carrying capacity, and service type. Tire selection is the foundation of tire performance. Fleet managers should also consider additional factors when choosing a tire to make sure performance expectations are met, such as application, size, load-carrying capacity, and route.
  • Ensure and maintain proper tire pressure: For heavy-duty trucks, tire pressure is pivotal. Tire pressure is a critical but often overlooked aspect, and improper tire pressure can lead to downtime and damaged tire casings. On the other hand, proper tire pressure can help ensure even weight distribution across a tire’s contact patch, maximizing treadwear life and fuel efficiency.
  • Inspect tires often: You may never know when a tear or damage could happen to one of your heavy-duty truck tires. To avoid running into unpleasant surprises, we recommend your fleet managers consistently reinforce drivers to check tire condition before any haul. Hands-on inspections are helpful in identifying irregular wear issues, low thread depth, and road-related damage. Frequent, manual inspections will help drivers address any problems before they impact tire performance.

Additionally, you also need to find a professional and reliable shop to help you in case something happens to your heavy-duty truck’s tires.

Tubby’s Truck & Trailer has been in the truck industry for more than 25 years, so we know a thing or two about trucks and how to maintain them properly. Our team of certified and seasoned mechanics will help you with any heavy-duty truck tire repair issue you may encounter to give you peace of mind.  If you want to have your heavy-duty trucks always function the way they should, get in touch today with us at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer Service to learn more about our services.