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Freightliner Service Near Me at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer

Freightliner Service Near Me at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer

Searching for reliable Freightliner service near me in London, Ontario? Look no further than Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, a premier service location specializing in Freightliner trucks. Our facility, located conveniently off the 401 in Dorchester, Ontario, is equipped to handle all your Freightliner needs, ensuring your truck stays on the road and runs smoothly.

Why Choose Tubby’s for Your Freightliner Service Needs

At Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, we understand the importance of quality service for your Freightliner. Our experienced team is well-versed in all aspects of Freightliner trucks, making us a top choice for truck owners across North America. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, customer-focused service, ensuring each truck gets the attention it deserves. Whether you’re a local or on the road, you’ll find Tubby’s to be your go-to destination for all things Freightliner.

Comprehensive Freightliner Services Offered at Tubby’s

At Tubby’s Truck and Trailer, we offer a broad spectrum of services to cater to every Freightliner truck’s needs. Here are some of the essential services we provide:

Routine Maintenance and Tune-ups: Regular maintenance like oil changes and brake checks to keep your Freightliner running smoothly.

Engine Repairs and Overhauls: From minor fixes to complete engine overhauls, our team handles all aspects of engine care.

Transmission Services: Expert servicing for both manual and automatic transmissions to ensure optimal performance.

Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair: Advanced tools to diagnose and fix electrical issues, ensuring everything runs flawlessly.

HVAC Services: Comprehensive heating and cooling services to maintain comfort on the road.

Custom Modifications and Upgrades: Tailored options to enhance your Freightliner’s performance and appearance.

Each service is designed to maintain your Freightliner’s peak performance and reliability. Trust Tubby’s Truck and Trailer for all your Freightliner service needs.

Advanced Diagnostics and Repair Technologies

Staying ahead of the curve, Tubby’s employs advanced diagnostic tools and repair technologies. This modern approach allows us to accurately diagnose and efficiently repair any issue your Freightliner might face. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that we can quickly pinpoint problems and offer the most effective solutions, reducing downtime and getting your truck back on the road faster.

Customized Maintenance Plans for Your Freightliner

Understanding that each Freightliner truck has its own unique needs, we offer customized maintenance plans at Tubby’s. These plans are tailored to suit the specific requirements of your vehicle, considering factors like mileage, usage, and model specifics. Our customized approach ensures that your truck receives the exact care it needs for optimal performance and longevity.

Visit Us for Exceptional Freightliner Service

For top-notch Freightliner truck service, make your way to Tubby’s Truck and Trailer in Dorchester, Ontario. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our expertise in Freightliner trucks, makes us a trusted service provider in North America. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, our doors are always open, ready to offer exceptional service to keep your Freightliner in prime condition. Contact us today and experience the best in Freightliner truck service!