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Finding a Trucking Repair Shop

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In this blog, you will learn about some of the most vital factors for choosing the best trucking repair shops in London, Ontario. 

Warning signs: How to determine your heavy-duty truck needs repair & maintenance? 

Heavy-duty trucks & trailers are capable of holding the heaviest weight to transport goods from one location to the other. When you drive the same vehicle frequently, it becomes easier to understand the numerous warning indicators that arise. Sometimes, these critical signs reduce the overall performance of your heavy-duty trucks & trailers. When you experience such signs, getting in touch with the professionals of a well-reputed truck repair shop is vital. 

Here are some most common warning signs: 

  • Your warning lights are flashing 
  • You are having trouble with the braking system
  • Truck engine oil is outdated
  • The engine is making loud or terrible noises
  • Your truck is leaking 
  • Experience coloured exhaust smoke 
  • Black smoke 
  • Blue smoke
  • White smoke
  • Black smoke gusts

Basic factors to keep in mind while looking for the best Repair Shop 

When finding the best repair shop near your area, you need to perform some research and remember numerous factors:

  • Working experience
  • Scroll online reviews or user testimonials 
  • Associated or authorized to any dealership network
  • Are they accredited with the BBB? 

Have your heavy-duty trucks or trailers experienced any technical glitches or mechanical faults? Your search ends at our Dorchester-based truck repair and maintenance shop: Tubby’s Truck & Trailer. We have been servicing trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles since the past 25 years.

Our prime services are: 

  • Tire Service
  • Fleet service
  • Truck Alignment 
  • Clutch repair
  • Braking system

So why wait? Book an appointment today with South-Western Ontario’s most trusted Automotive and Trucking Repair Shop, Tubby’s Truck & Trailer.  Contact us today for heavy-duty truck maintenance and repair.