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Air Brake Repair & Maintenance Services

Brake systems are as critical as an engine for an automobile. If an engine is needed to run a vehicle, then of course brakes are also needed to stop it. Air brakes are used in heavy-duty vehicles, such as transport-trucks, to stop or decelerate the vehicle.

It is important to complete routine maintenance on air brakes. Routine maintenance will ensure proper functioning of the vehicle. Heavy-duty vehicles are that much more dangerous when not working properly. Accidents in heavy-duty vehicles can be critical, because as the saying goes; “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”.

Different Components of Air Brakes

Air braking systems are comprised of the following components: 

Air Compressor

The compressor pumps air from the atmosphere to the air storage tank and drives the engine through a belt drive.

Air Dryer

This is the gadget used to remove moisture from the air coming from the atmosphere. It prevents water condensation in the lines and air storage from causing brake failure. This is especially important during the winter due to the freezing of that condensed water.

Air Storage

The air storage tank stores the compressed air sent by the air compressor. This storage always has enough compressed air so that the brakes can be applied multiple times. By keeping enough compressed air, it prevents brake failure in a situation where the air compressor malfunctions.

Air Tank Drains

Such systems help in draining water and oil from the system.

Safety Valve

Helps to avoid random problems from arising in the brake system.

Air Brake Coils

This is the brake component that ensures the smooth running of the braking system.

Brake Chambers

The brake chambers are what convert the air pressure to mechanical force. They consist of a diaphragm and push rod, which apply force to the brake shoes or brake pads.

Brake Shoes & Brake Pads

These are the friction elements that come into contact with the braking surface (drum or rotor).  The generated friction then slows down the vehicle.

Brake Drums and Brake Rotors

Brake drums are used in drum brake systems. Brake rotors are used in disc brake systems. Both of these components are essentially what the brake shoes/pads press against to create friction. 

Working or Functioning of Air Brakes

Air brakes work in a significant manner and employ the following steps: 

  • When the driver starts the engine, the brake compressor begins to compress the atmospheric air. The air is then sent to the compressed air reservoir. This reservoir always has some air stored from the previous cycle, via the compressor governor.
  • When the driver pushes the brake pedal, the outlet valve of the triple valve closes, and the inlet valve opens. This allows compressed air from the reservoir to pass through the system’s brake lines.
  • The compressed air that flows through the brake lines is then transferred to the brake cylinder, which contains a piston.
  • When compressed air is applied to the piston inside the brake chamber, it moves away from its original position. This shift converts pneumatic energy into mechanical energy.
  • Brake drums are positioned on the wheel end of the brake cylinder. Inside is a housing of the mechanical actuator such as springs or slacks with brake pads at its outer end.
  • The movement of the piston is caused by the pressure applied by the compressed air. This then causes the mechanical actuator inside the brake drum to expand. This in turn pushes the brake pads outward to make frictional contact with the rotating drum lines.
  • With this frictional contact between brake pads and rotating drum lines, brakes are applied to the wheels to stop or decelerate the vehicle.

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