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Commercial Tire Services Near Me

Commercial Tire Services near me offered at Tubby's

All About Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Services Near Me

Searching “commercial tire services near me?” look no further than Tubby’s for tire evaluations, wheel balancing, alignment, and more. Heavy-duty trucks enhance the load capacity and are a good investment for transporting goods from one location to another. But it all depends only on the tires you use, and that’s why tires are such an important asset. 

Tires are important vehicle components because they connect trucks and trailers to the road, allowing drivers to steer safely in various terrains.

What is Tire Service for Heavy-Duty Trucks? 

The commercial tire service provided by Tubby’s Truck and Trailer covers a wide range of services, including emergency road service, wheel service, regular maintenance analysis, wheel balancing, and old tire disposal. We rate tires on several factors, including speed, load capacity, mileage, and road conditions. This enables us to recommend the best fit for your vehicle.

Our heavy-duty truck services include evaluating tires, wheel balancing, and alignment. 

You can count on us to deliver quality workmanship when you require tire repair services. We also provide automotive maintenance and roadside assistance if you are in an unfortunate situation while on the go.

Tire Repair & Maintenance Tips for Heavy-Duty Trucks 

Truck tire care and maintenance are critical components of any fleet’s preventive or scheduled maintenance program. However, simply “kicking the tires” and doing a quick once-over is bound to overlook important details that could mean the difference between making your drop-off on time or sitting on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance. Here are some of the best tire repair and maintenance tips:

  • Maintain Air-Tire Pressure 
  • Check Tread Depth
  • Perform consistent reviews, inspections & quality checks
  • Ensure proper wheel torque

Proper tire maintenance is important for driver safety and we at Tubby’s Truck and Trailer take it seriously.  We offer the best tire repair and maintenance services for heavy-duty trucks. 


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Truck tire care and maintenance are critical components of any fleet’s preventive or scheduled maintenance program. We are fully equipped to handle all types of tires, from car and truck tires to farm and construction OTR tires. In addition, our fleet has several mobile service trucks capable of performing both mechanical and tire service, both onsite and roadside. Our business is built on successfully providing good customer service. We are dedicated to ensuring every customer gets their truck and trailer fixed right the first time and back on the road as quickly as possible.

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